ATV Maintenance Tips

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ATV Maintenance

Each time you hit the off-road trails or tackle challenging work projects with your ATV, your machine reminds you of its capabilities. In order to keep your quad running and performing well, you need to make sure you take care of its maintenance needs. The concept is similar to the upkeep you do with your standard passenger vehicle. If you neglect four-wheeler maintenance, you run the risk of running into issues when you’re out having fun or hard at work. Keep reading for more information on important ATV maintenance.

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Check the Tire Pressure

Your tires should always be properly inflated to the recommended psi level. Whenever you perform ATV maintenance, remember to use a tire pressure gauge to check your levels. If you notice that any of them are low, you should be sure to fill them up before you head out for a ride. This might seem like no big deal, but you run the risk of suffering a blowout on the trails if you neglect your tire pressure.

Change the Oil

The oil in your quad is what keeps the engine components from destroying each other, so you need to keep up with regular oil changes. Start by inspecting the oil to confirm it’s free of metal shavings. If you notice any, this could indicate that parts are grinding together and you’ll need to address it. If it’s sludgy or black, it’s definitely time for a change. Thick fluid isn’t going to be able to lubricate your engine properly. Don’t forget that you should also be changing the oil filter any time you swap out the oil.

Protect the Battery

Your battery supplies your four-wheeler with the power it needs to get going and keep going. Therefore, it’s critical that you keep it charged up at all times. If you don’t, your engine won’t get a spark from the plugs. This means the engine won’t turn over and the lights and gauges won’t work. Examine the battery posts each month and make sure they’re clean. If you notice corrosion or crust, it might be time for a new battery. During the winter months, you should remove it and place it on a tender while your ATV is in storage.

We hope you’ve found these maintenance tips helpful. If you’re still searching for the perfect four-wheeler, Northern Power Sports will help you find it. Visit our dealership in Fairbanks, AK today!